New Resources - March 2010

Harvey's Homepage - for math Notebook files


Download SMART Notebook software you will need a product key from your district - not sure how to install? Watch this video (no sound)
Download SMART Math beta version, good for 180 days
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General Resources

Lesson Plans from SMART official site Discussion Forum at SMART official site Earth Day Lessons for SMART Boards Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way Harvey's Homepage - for math Notebook files Interactive Whiteboards from KENT ICT Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom Maximizing Your SMART Board SMART Board Lesson Podcast audio SMART Board Lounge SMART Board Templates SMART Share Center teacher created lesson plans SMART Technology Sites Smarter SMART Board Use TeacherLED Interactive Whiteboard Resources The SMART Way to Teach lesson plans for Kindergarten Using SMART to Support Math Using SMART to Teach Engaging Lessons videos showing how to create lessons (with 6-12 math emphasis)

SMART Boards and Halloween includes Notebook files to download

Images and Photos
E2BN Gallery school-safe images that can be dragged into Notebook

Interactive Sites

Ambleside's Interactive Sites mostly elementary Berenstain Bears early elementary FunBrain early elementary

Great Sites for Using the SMART Board K-3 early elementary
Learning Planet early elementary PBS Kids early elementary Rolie Polie Olie early elementary Sesame Street early elementary Seussville Games early elementary Starfall Learn to Readphonics, early elementary Mrs. Morche's Interactive LInks early elementary PBS Thumb Piano record and playback music, early elementary Compose Your Own Music early elementary Freaky Frank's Music Machine early elementary Sphinx Kids Music Page early elementary Note Namesidentify music notes to spell words, early elementary

Starfish Theater early elementary, find the image that does not belong

Just for Fun

Singing Horses
This is Sand fun, make pictures with sand... Warning: there may be inappropriate images in the gallery
Interactive Kaleidoscope
Jigsaw Planet use their puzzles, or upload a photo to create one of your own
Line Rider too fun, especially on a board!

Notebook Files



SetupOrienting.pdf WelcomeScreen.pdf NotebookToolbar.pdf Gallery-FindingItems.pdf Gallery-LessonActivityToolkit.pdf FloatingTools.pdf SMART-Tools.pdf SavingNotebookFiles.pdf SMART-Word.pdf SMART-PowerPoint.pdf SMART-Excel.pdf Connecting-Airliner Slate.pdf Customing the Airliner Slate.pdf 38 Interesting Tips.pdf DownloadingFlashVideo.pdf CleaningBoard.pdf

WhySMART.pdf - teacher comments about why they love SMART Boards


SMART Two Minute Tutorial Videos official site Tutorials on YouTube Tutorials on TeacherTube

Teacher Online Training Videos

Adding Pictures and Videos to Gallery.notebook


SMART Grants Resources official site Best Buy Teach Awards cycle begins in July SMARTer Kids Foundation Wayne RESA's Grant Resources


I am a SMART Certified Master's Trainer serving the school districts of Wayne County, Michigan. Email me at to ask about providing PD at your Wayne County school (at no cost). You must have a SMART Board available (I do not provide training on other brands of interactive whiteboards).