Photo Peach

Photo Peach is a free, web-based tool that allows you to create simple slide shows with images, music, and captions. Features of Photo Peace include:
  • free!
  • simple to use
  • slide shows can be pubic or unlisted
  • slide shows have two different playback options - story or spiral
  • slide shows can include basic multiple-choice quiz questions
  • embed code is provided for your blog, wiki, website, etc

Free is All You Need!

The basic account requires an email address, password, and unique username. This free account allows you to create slide shows with up to 30 images using built-in music or music borrowed from YouTube. The Premium account is $3/month which allows you to use an unlimited number of photos, upload your own music files, and download your completed slide shows.

Why Use It?


  • Introduce a topic or concept, gain attention, set the stage, activate prior knowledge
  • Writing prompt
  • Summarize learning
  • Nonlinquistic representation - images help explain complex ideas, evoke emotions, show relationships
  • Quiz to check for understanding


  • Michigan Technology Standards and Expectations - Grades K-2: Students use a variety of digital tools to learn, create, and convey original ideas or illustrate concepts. Grades 3-5: Students produce a media-rich digital project aligned to state curriculum standards; Students use a variety of technology tools and applications to demonstrate creativity by creating or modifying works of art, music, movies, presentations.
  • Demonstrate mastery, tell or retell a story, explain a process, present research, commemorate an event, explain a concept, etc.


Instructions and Ideas from Edublogger

Sample Photo Peach Slide Show

Example as a story prompt. What types of stories might emerge from these two opening scenes?

Here's the opening scene... now you tell the story: